Your Breath. The power of your mind.
And the things your body can do.

Even those you didn’t expect you could.

Let’s get to the root of the problem

Sometimes it’s an accident. Other times, it’s bad posture.

Both are forms of stress, although some are sudden, while others take time.

But almost always, the body tends to break when the level of stress we give it is more than it could bear.

Often, chronic pain doesn’t resolve quickly because the body adjusts by shifting the way it moves, and even the way it perceives things that while might not be dangerous, still feel like pain.

How do you help the body to heal, to regain the way it should move, sit, and stand?

We begin by understanding where you are.

A thorough medical history, and a movement assessment that tells us what your body can do right now, where you might be tight or weak, and even what aspects of your mind might be hindering your progress.

Then, together, we draw a plan of action, and refine it as you progress into more freedom of movement.

In my experience, the body has a wonderful ability to recover through conscious movement and empowerment, tailored to your condition.

Michael Brandwajn

Certified Yoga Therapist


Internationally recognized as a leader in holistic musculoskeletal care, his evolution through 14 years of experience as a Yoga Therapist has allowed him to educate hundreds of people to help themselves to heal in a holistic way.

What my clients have to say about working with me:

Then a friend recommended me to Mijael, and my hope returned. It was immediately obvious that Michael's skills at assessing, analyzing, and solving the riddles of bodily motion are beyond anybody I have met"

Jonathan Moysich

"The pain relief was very fast and I also found a discipline that taught me many things about myself and my body. With patience and effort I managed to get relief."

Ana María Guardia

"Three years of pain went away in 3 weeks - literally! I had tried everything - physical therapy, chiropractic, even a cortisone injection into the spinal nerve, nothing happened until I started my personalized training with Michael."

Maia Sponseller

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

I don’t -but I do offer payment plans if you need them.

Is there going to be meditation involved?

You will be asked to move consciously, and move your body with awareness. There might be visualization exercises that help you further the process. And there might be relaxation exercises that help you bring stress down (stress hinders your healing progress). 

You will not be asked to “clear your mind” or “focus your attention on only one spot”…If you consider any of the things I mentioned in the first paragraph as meditation, then yes, you will be practicing it.

Do you use Reiki, stones, or anything like that?

My work involves conscious movement, and being aware of how the mind might affect what you feel. Nothing more, nothing else.

Where does your training come from?

I was initially trained in Yoga and Yoga Therapy (mainly) by the American Viniyoga Institute, and the American College of Acupuncture (I was a licensed Massage Therapist in Florida).

Throughout the past 15 years my training has included aspects of kinseiology and physical therapy, and although I am not a physical therapist, my understanding of the body and how it works has been greatly influenced by Internationally recognized therapists, such as Gray Cook Dr. and Andreo Ospina.